Halimat Shadiat Jimoh( Yr.6)Laurastephens School is the best school ever! We have good facilities, experienced teachers that go out of their way to make us understand our world and how we are to relate with it. I appreciate the proprietress Mrs Ndubuisi Kanu for investing much in my future. May you soar higher! Amen.
Halimat Shadiat Jimoh


Tonna Asikaogu ( Yr.6)During my years in this school, I have enjoyed lots of things: excellent teachers and competitions within and outside the school. I say a big ‘Thank You’ to Mrs.Josephine Ndubuisi-Kanu for establishing the school. May God bless the school and everyone who has contributed to my success. Amen!
Tonna Asikaogu


Chelsea Nwabunike (Yr.6)My sojourn in Laurastephens School has been both educative and exciting. I have been built both in character and intellectually. I have upgraded by skills by learning to knit, play chess, golf and swimming normal classes. I thank all the staff and management for moulding me. May the good Lord bless you all !
Chelsea Nwabunike


Jedidiah Omokhide(Yr.6)I have experienced love and care, moral and intellectual development. I love and appreciate my teachers for helping me to make strong when l’ve been weak. I have built on my interpersonal skills, communication and confidence. What more can I say? I love Laurastephens School.

Jedidiah Omokhide


I love the personal relationship, commitment to the individual improvement of pupils, the warmth we feel when we get to school, starting from the security. I commend the staff management style.
Mrs. Grant-Ezeronye

I like the sense of Laurastephens being a family, where the teachers know the names of the pupils in other classes. I love the fact that the pupils are taken on excursions every term where they are taken to and exposed to things that we their parents would never have taken them to for example The indomie factory. The star reward system which shows at a glance how children are doing in the respective subjects is absolutely awesome.
Mrs Ijewere

I am in love with Laurastephens School Cleanliness, friendly staff and the uniforms! My kids always say “school is fun”.
Mrs Ogundiran

I absolutely love the serene learning environment, the exposure given to your pupils, not just on academics but other aspects to build a total child.
Mrs Okorie-Agwu

I am really impressed with the way the teachers teach the kids academically & morally, also the extra-curricular activities are wholesome!
Mrs Osayele

I am so impressed with Laurastephens Academic & Non-Academic activities; they are rich! LSS has friendly staff who are very concerned about the pupils.
Mrs kayode

Pupils have been taught to be respectful which is the hallmark of childhood development. The school is neat and tidy. Staffs are respectful from the gate man, cleaners, receptionist, drivers, admin staff and teachers. Monday,3rd February,2014.
Mr. Okwueze

LSS is a school with the potential of being one of the best schools in Lagos state and eventually in the country. I like the commitment of the staff and their involvement with the pupils. Monday,3rd February,2014.
Dr. Kodjo-Soroh