Upper Preschool

Mrs Okotie-Eboh (B.A)

Upper Pre-School


As the head of Upper  Pre-School (ages 3-5), I ensure the delivery of an effective teaching and  learning process using the LauraStephens School Preschool curriculum which was specifically designed to meet the challenges of the 21st century School. It is a blend of Montessori system, Nigerian and the experiences and data my team have gathered over the years, as a direct and practical method to improve learning and quality.

Our Pre-School is quite vibrant and we provide an outstanding teaching and learning environment that allows our Preschoolers to flourish and blossom.

We offer excellent child centered teaching to develop Reading and Writing skills, Numeracy, Phonics/language Development, Social Habits, Health Habits, Religious Instructions. Scientific teaching and Information Technology skills, Art and Craft, Physical Education, Swimming, Dance, Music, French and Diction with specialist teachers.

All aspects of Practical Life Exercises are done with the kids in groups and individuals. The children’s senses are developed through the Sensorial Classes where the senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell come to play.

We have the Play Way Learning  periods such as Show and Tell, Circle Time where children express themselves and in the  process, build their confidence and self esteem.

Small group lessons and one on one instruction is also emphasized to help children understand better. Children are always encouraged to interact with each other to create class bond.

At LauraStephens, we see each child as being unique in his or her own way.  Special Education teachers often work with pupils with special needs to provide individual attention they may need.

Our teachers are well trained and qualified to handle all challenges effectively.

In helping us achieve a ‘round’[complete]education circle, we involve our parents or guardians to discuss the child’s needs, progress and suggest ways parents can improve their child[ren]learning.

Upper Pre-School

At the Upper Pre-School, our main focus is to build a solid foundation geared at making our Preschoolers independent and ready for the Primary section.

I can assure you that, LauraStephens School is a school of First Choice. We have recorded huge successes from our Preschool, which has helped to build the foundation of our Primary Section.

I am convinced that learning in the best environment exposes the mind to be all it can be. Bringing your child to us with be our great delight and joy.