LauraStephens Secondary School

secondary-schoolEntrepreneurial Education, Catholic based Values and more…

Laurastephens Secondary School offers the opportunity to acquire cutting edge Entrepreneurship skills, Catholic based values coupled with giving an advantage for global survival.

We recognize that any dynamic global economy which is innovative and able to create the jobs that are needed, will require a greater number of young people who are willing and able to become entrepreneurs – young people who will launch and successfully develop their own commercial or social ventures, or will become innovators in the wider organisation in which they work. Acquiring a Laurastephens Entrepreneurial Education at this stage, is the key to shaping young students attitudes, skills, culture as well as teaching them to identify their passion!

In addition, our Secondary School curriculum is a combination of both British National curriculum and the Nigerian curriculum.  The school is divided into Junior Secondary School and Senior Secondary sections. In the Junior Secondary School, the students spend three years and three years in the Senior School. In their final year, the students take the following examinations: the Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE), the International Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and the Scholastic Aptitude Test( SAT).

Religious Education has a special place in our curriculum, helping students to develop a mature understanding of faith and moral values.

images (2)Our curriculum is divided into eight broad areas

English – Language, Literature

Mathematics – Mathematics and Further Mathematics
Science – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Basic science, Computer Science
Languages – French, Yoruba, Igbo, History
Humanities – Geography, Civic Education, Social Studies, IRK, CRK
Vocational – Commerce, Economics, Agricultural Science, Food & Nutrition, Home Economics
Sports- Physical and Health Education
Music, Art & Design, Introductory Technology, Technical drawing

We welcome into our community all those who share our vision, and can actively support our aims and values towards the unique environment we aim to create at our secondary school.

Sports, Fun and Games!

We believe that every child can excel at something, so we offer the broadest possible range of cultural, sporting and extra-curricular activities to help them find their niche. We encourage healthy rivalry and team spirit through exciting games and sporting activities.

We have increased the amount of fun that the children have by grouping them into Houses & Colours

  • Fresh is Green
  • Classy is Yellow
  • Cool is Blue
  • Exotic is Red