Head of Primary

In line with our mission of providing world class education, the LAURASTEPHENS SCHOOL Primary Curriculum is a broad and enriched blend of the best from the British curriculum, the International Primary and the Nigerian curriculum that ensures a perfect balance. The curriculum is kept under constant review so that we can adapt and develop.

Expectations are high. Each child receives the support and encouragement that he or she needs to fulfill his or her potential. We recognize that no two children are the same, and therefore we cannot create a formula for education which will work for every child. Instead we focus on individual development, and seek ways to help each member of our school community discover his or her strengths. Our balanced curriculum nurtures children socially, emotionally, physically and academically, creating a well-rounded child that can face challenges where any in the world.

Being the Head of Primary in a school as great and excellence driven as LauraStephens is not a walk in the park. It is a full time job that requires that one be always abreast of goings-on in academic spheres and ensuring that tardiness amongst pupils is reduced to the barest minimum and by the grace of God, it has been a rollercoaster ride of interesting, challenging, demanding and exciting discoveries.

The Laurastephens School I have come to know is a school that prides herself as a place where achievers and world beaters are nurtured.  The ambience of the school environment is that of friendliness, fun and an exciting learning process that the pupils have come to know, expect and cherish.

One of my driving forces is the desire to seeing that at the end of spending 6 years in LauraStephens primary school, our pupils will be able to tackle the common entrance examination that they sit for and at the end come out in flying colours. To this end, I take full advantage of the human and infrastructural resources coupled with the superlative facilities that are at my disposal, all put in place by the school management in order to be able to deliver a highly standardized education that helps equip the pupils for global challenges.

At LauraStephens school, the pupils are coached rigorously in a friendly and feel-good atmosphere; an ambience that is second nature to us as a school, contrived for the sole purpose of bringing out the best in our future champions.

Having said this, I invite you to join our winning team if you have not already, and be able to take full advantage of the kind of quality education that LauraStephens has to offer, and for which we are known.

Our dramatic productions, musicals and concerts challenge pupils to develop in their many talents, and enable them to grow in confidence.

I can’t wait to meet you and your wonderful children. See you at the top.