Lower Preschool

GEN_2508Head of Lower Preschool

As the Head of Lower Pre-School (age 1-3), we use our in-built curriculum which is the LauraStephens School Curriculum. The curriculum is a blend of British and Nigerian created to meet the 21st century needs of the children. As it is said popularly that children do not change but kindergarten has. Our curriculum changes as the world around the children change. We have recorded a tremendous success in the use of this curriculum over the years.

In the Lower Preschool, our main focus is on early childhood training which involves social developmental skills, early literacy skills, psychomotor skills, building their cognitive domain and potty training.

Children in this age group   have lots of play periods, and our playground is well equipped to allow them play and learn. When they get into the class, Play Way Method is used to carry out simple early learning.
Lots of coloring works are given to kids, and they are allowed to express their artistic skills individually. During this section, we build their cooperation by making them work with one another.
We give special care to children, making them feel loved and protected. So far, we have been able to build a home away from home for this age group as their minds are constantly drawn to look as if they are in their home.

Early literacy and Music is also emphasized at this stage of learning. My team and I have put together   resources that will bring out their intuitive skills.
We make sure their sight and hearing is built upon, through the use of television, tapes and pictures. We allow children to manipulate objects like molding things using plastacine, flour, sand tray, etc.
Potty training is very vital at this stage. We train pupils on how to use the potty with little guidance. That is why in school, the toilets are equipped with modern toilet facilities and disinfectant to make sure each child is well trained without contacting disease from the use of the toilet.

I am very confident with what we have done so far. Our products enjoy the joy of being in school and equipped to face global challenges. I assure you that your children will meet the best trained hands in a conducive environment as they come.