School Administrator


We are a school with an excellent record, of giving children lifelong enduring skills that enable them face global challenges, using the best minds, with state of the art technology. We deliver quality education using methods that are simple, relevant and tasking; to expand the minds of our ever growing children knowing how powerful and influential an educated mind is!

Our school environment has an atmosphere that is particularly built with the children’s safety and development in all facets of life. We pride ourselves; knowing our children are well behaved and have excellent inter personal skills which our staff  have continually worked on over the years, that is, providing a secure environment which develops them  mentally, socially and spiritually. Also, we make healthy living a core belief.

As the School Administrator, my team and I see that we nurture children using the best curriculum developed from the Nigerian and British curriculum to expand knowledge in an exciting way using the best methodology with well trained teachers who are technologically informed. Staffs go the extra mile at ensuring that every child gets the education that makes him/her a Masterpiece.

We have the best facilities and all the little things that count.

Recognising that is important to teach good behaviour skills at an early age, we have recruited teachers who have been trained to pass on this expertise to our children.

General focus is consistently on the following:

  • Courtesy, respect and manner lines to colleagues and adults;
  • Appropriate behaviour along corridors and in the classrooms;
  • Respect for prohibited areas;
  • Punctuality;
  • Awareness of happenings globally;
  • Caring and sharing;
  • Respect for property:-theirs, others and environment;
  • Homework.

We look forward to you joining this winning team.

Mr Robinson Kofi Osei (Head of Academics)

Mr Robinson Kofi Osei

Prelude – LauraStephens School is predominantly set on a solid academic life, with a fusion of Nigerian and British Curriculum, coupled with specific features which diligently forge ahead of  the pupils’ future status. Schools that teach children how to read and write are many but we teach our pupils to overcome practical challenges of life in addition, and this makes a difference between our school and others.

Curricular Interpretation – Our designated broad-based curricular interpretation is composed of core subjects by specialized teachers not below first degree and are on permanent staff list. Our extracurricular subjects are handled by instructors with not less than five years of post –qualification instructional experience. At Laurastephens, we have evolved a unique multiple approach to the teaching of Mathematics and English Langauge with a redefined credit load unparalleled to any other school in Lagos State because it is a system of absolute novelty.

Peculiarity set up – The school has a refined system of catering for SEN and IEP coupled with up and coming with special teachers set for the purpose of class-effectiveness.


The teacher –pupil ratio is significantly low to give a concession of striking a balance in learning processes even if expectations are forced to be managed.

Staff  Strength and Composition – Highly qualified and experienced teachers; some clocking a magnitude of 33 years of post-qualification teaching and administrative experience.

This composition stands on a platform of both  indigenous and expatriate teachers forging ahead for a common passion for our pupils. These integrated academic substances initial parallel forces which stem Laurastephens pupils out of the crowd whenever they are engage to initiate challenges in entrance examinations or inter-school multifarious competitions. GO WITH US OR YOU MISS A DIMENSION.