Our Story

Mrs. Josephine Ndubuisi-Kanu

It was not more than 16 years ago, in my search for a Pre-School that offered reasonably flexible hours within our Victoria Island home environs at the time for our two years old daughter Laura, that I experienced the challenge of not finding the kind of place I could comfortably leave my precious Toddler in,  that now transformed into  vision: a vision to provide a superb learning environment with beautiful ambience, in a homely fashion, where children can  experience the absolute joy and freedom to be children; to flourish in confidence, and be embolden to enjoy their childhood while learning! A vision aimed at catering for the desire of working parents who needed a perfect place to drop their precious children on their way to work and pick then them on their way from work, with absolute peace of mind!
Thus, on Monday 10th of January 2000, Laurastephens School named after our adorable children Laura and Stephen was born!


Welcome to LauraStephens!

Born 2000…still growing strong!
The doors of Laurastephens School opened on 10 Janaury 2000 in a cosy and beautifully set out 4 bedroom bungalow at No. 22 Musa Yar Adua Crescent in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria with 8 children!
In line with our vision of providing a unique educational environment that allows children to flourish, maximize their inert potentials while enjoying their singular childhood, I always believed that children needed more space!
To the glory of God, exactly 5 years later on! 10 January 2005, the doors of the first phase of our permanent site strategically tucked in a serene, accessible  15,000 square metres of land in the suburb of the  prestigious Lekki Peninsular Scheme 11, away from the hustle and bustle of the city  was opened.
Laurastephens School was formally commissioned on the 27th April 2005 by the then Executive Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. In His Excellency’s speech he said” It pleases me that LauraStephens is a good school that meets with our specifications and thus has been given Approval to operate in Lagos”.

Why LauraStephens?

GEN_2550If you could, you’d probably spend every moment with your child, but as a working parent, you have to earn a living. LauraStephens recognises the importance of balance to parents: the need to successfully juggle work and family life and to find a school that cater for the educational, emotional and physical needs of your child….that gives you peace of mind! LauraStephens School provides just that!
Once you enrol your child at LAURASTEPHENS, we become partners. Our goal is to ensure that you feel relaxed at work or wherever else you need to be,  knowing that your child is cared for in a safe, loving and simulating environment that is healthy for his or her growth and development. The children are given the individual attention, resources and space in which to grow intellectually, physically and emotionally.
I am proud of a comprehensive co-curricular programme that develops our children’s confidence and esteem while our Curriculum is under constant review to reflect best global practice. The enthusiasm and experience of an outstanding staff is the driving force behind all our activities. That is why in addition to big hearts, we make sure that our staff possess adequate training in early childhood development, and are consistently been trained in best educational practices both locally and internationally. We also invest in and constantly update our state -of -the art educational and recreational facilities. And, of course, we involve you every step of the way, encouraging discussion on the welfare and progress of your children through various forums that are organised by the school.

And the Laurastephens  Promise?

Peace of mind! Your child is not just a number! Your child is happy! Your child  has a voice at Laurastephens!
The school motto is ‘…education for life! As we learn not for school but for life!
I encourage you now to make a personal visit to Laurastephens to experience what makes us so special
We look forward to meeting you and working with you to bring the very best out of your precious child!

Mrs. Josephine Ndubuisi-Kanu (B.ED, M.B.A, M.ED, MIoD )